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11 Art by Carol Barth - Bucks County Portrait Artist, Bucks County Fine Art Work (Doylestown, PA)Painters
http: / / T. S. Eliot Hear my voice Accept my gift Share my secrets Remember me When I was 50 I looked at death and painted to survive. Light and shadow were necessary in art and life. Sadness became mid value. Trans...
12 Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum : HomePainters
http: / /
... Mar, 2011 New Works (paintings) 2011 #9614 Twin Earths added Jul 17 - Total 29 pieces #9607 The death of Ophelia added Jun 30 - Total 28 pieces #9595 Abstract White Flower Pattern added Jun 21 - Total 27...
13 WebMuseum: TintorettoArtists
http: / / / wm / paint / auth / tintoretto
...s prolific and with Veronese the most successful Venetian painter in the generation after Titian s death, little is known of his life. He is said to have trained very briefly with Titian, but the style of his ...
14 WebMuseum: Guardi, FrancescoArtists
http: / / / wm / paint / auth / guardi
...produced work on a great variety of subjects and seems to have concentrated on views only after the death of his brother Gianantonio (1699-1760). Until then Francesco s personality was largely submerged in the ...
15 WebMuseum: David, GerardArtists
http: / / / wm / paint / auth / davidg
...Bruges, where he entered the painters guild in 1484 and became the city s leading artist after the death of Memling in 1494. At this time the economic importance of Bruges was declining, but it still maintaine...
16 WebMuseum: Christus, PetrusArtists
http: / / / wm / paint / auth / christus
... pupil of Jan van Eyck and to have completed some of the works left unfinished by the master at his death in 144 (e.g. St Jerome , Detroit Institute of Arts). It is certainly true that he was overwhelmingly inf...
17 Tom Repasky: my first web site published in 1995Designers
http: / /
...onsciousness Surreal Art, Abstract Art, Digital Art, Short Stories, Poetry, Quotes, Music, and Near death Experience (NDE) of Artists Tom Repasky Digital Fine Art Surreal Art for a S.. By Tom Repasky Book Previ...
... and metaphysical metaphors stories, images, and music, familiar and alien influenced by their near death experiences (NDE). As artists they collaborate and participate in their unique and individual perspectiv...
18 Paul Catanese | MainDesigners
http: / /
...nally, I have been asked to become the Associate Chair of the Department of Interdisciplinary Arts. death Valley [ June, 2010 ] I will be on residency for the month of June at the Goldwell Open Air Museum, just...
19 Russian Imperial Wax Museum WELCOMES YOU!Museums
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...s mother, brought to behold that woeful sight. And she was given to 100 gunners, who defiled her to death, and the Emperor s hungry hounds devoured her flesh and bones . Ivans treasurer, Nikita Funikov, was boi...
20 Nancie Warner's Paintings
http: / /
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Contemporary Artwork from Phil De Giens

figurative contemporary - symbolic system
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The last waltz
Contemporary Artwork from Kadjar-Oussmii Said

computer graphics - free composition
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